Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new blog, new challenge

I put myself out there on facebook a few weeks ago saying that I was going to give myself a cooking challenge in 2011. You know, Julie and Julia style but way less cool I’m sure. This was all because I uncovered about 90 recipes that I had torn out of old Real Simple magazines and had been dying to try. So I thought the only way I will actually cook all of these great recipes is to think of some creative way to bully myself into it. Before i even considered how much (extra) work this would be, I posted my idea on facebook for all the world to see. So I guess I am doing this. Steve put his two cents in and said I should give myself a few small goals so I don’t overwhelm myself. He knows me to well and didn’t really want to pick up the depressed pieces after I failed at my original plan “Cook a new gourmet dinner every day in 2011″. Thank you Steve.

So here are the rules…

I will start with cooking something different every weeknight in January. Can’t repeat any meals. Which means I have to use my taco soup and spaghetti sparingly. Also, note I have weekends off. So I will take it month by month until I run out of recipes.

I’m not a blogger or writer or anything of the kind, but I figure I need to keep some record of my work. So this blog will serve as my journal. What would that be in Hollywood terms? Jolog? Anyway, if you’re bored enough to read this…. Wish me luck!

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