Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 2 Week 3 – In the box type of person

Thursday was all rainy and snowy here. So the kids and I were kind of trapped inside all afternoon. We tried a few different indoor activities but finally settled on my favorite...coloring.

I love to color. It is such a perfect pastime. It is the closest thing to being artistic as I get most days. I am an artist by trade. Sounds very weird to say but it is true. Ive got the degree to prove it. But I think a coloring in a coloring book pretty much sums up my artistic style. I like working within limits. I like the challenge of making something beautiful with a finite number of colors, boundaries and concepts. I guess that means Im not really an "out of the box" type of designer. But I am comfortable with that. I just like to stay in the lines.

That doesnt really have anything to do with the next meal that I cooked. Except that it was pretty much cooking "inside the lines". Nothing fancy, no crazy ingredients. Pot roast with potatoes and carrots. Just meat and potatoes. Total comfort food. Just give me that and a box of crayons and you have one pretty perfect day!

Pot Roast with New Potatoes and Carrots
Chuck or Round roast
2 cans beef consomme
1 pkg dry onion soup
1 lb new potatoes (halved or quartered)
couple of handfuls of baby carrots

Put the roast in the crock-pot. Place potatoes and carrots around the roast. Add consomme, onion soup mix and about one can of water.

Cover and cook on low all night or all day while you are at work.
Smells great and tastes even better.

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