Thursday, June 2, 2016

Please sir, we don't any blood shed over some Taxi Buggies

I would like to preface this story by saying it is not meant to bash men or complain about Kroger. I love men and I really love Kroger. I just thought this was a perfect example of the difference in the thought process of men and women... and it made me laugh... after the fact of course.

We walk into Kroger and, as usual, begin our desperate search for a Taxi Buggy. If you are a mom, you know what this is. The yellow grocery cart with the seat up top that has 2 steering wheels that entertain and confine toddlers while mom is shopping. Louisa (3) will not sit in any other cart because she is "not a baby anymore, mom". She also has absolutely no business "walking" along side me as I shop, because she does everything BUT walk. So taxi buggy it is. At least until she can be trusted. Im thinking age 17.

So we search the store. Me and my 3 darling cheubs. We spot one at the check out line and proceed to stalk this poor woman all the way to the entrance of the store. We are relentless. She tries to ignore us because she obviously wants to take this priceless cart all the way to her car. And I can't say that I blame her for that. But sometimes we can't always get what we want... Right kids?

She finally "offers" us her cart on the way out and while we are switching over the carts another mom with twins comes up and says..."Do you mind if I take this? Because obviously I have these two (which trumps your 1) and I can't possibly shop without it."  I said ok as I died a little inside. And so did Louisa as I crammed her chunky 3 year old legs into the regular grocery cart. She then made the scene that I wanted to make but was too "mature" to show my feelings. Because, again, I don't blame the twin mom either. Well played. It's eat or be eaten when it comes to Kroger taxi buggies.

So with a fearless confidence that is fueled by frustration and embarrassment, I take my scene making children to the manager and calmly say "Excuse me. Im sure this has been mentioned before, but I would like to officially request that this store get more Taxi Grocery Carts for moms with kids. They are in high demand."

This sweet man says. "Really? Ok. Well do you know we have like 3 or 4 so maybe you can find one..."

Oh adorable manager man. Don't you know it is summer? Don't you know that your main consumer in this suburban store is the crazed mother of 2.5+ kids? And don't you think there are more than 3 or 4 of us here at any given time? Have you not seen the assortment of mini vans in the parking lot?

Bless him. He doesn't know. And not because he is dumb, but simply because he is not a mother. And I am so glad I was there at that time to shed some light for him.

He reminded me of my sweet dad who I took to Wal Mart this weekend. He was nice enough to help me buy the "necessities" (aka tons of food) for our 24 hour stay at the cabin. Since my children eat and live like animals, I suggested he get more paper towels while we were there. And he comes back with 1 roll. 1 roll of papter towels. I just smiled and said thanks. And amazingly that was all we needed for the cabin stay... so really he was not wrong. I just bring it up because that seems to be the way the mind of a man works.

1 roll of paper towels.... 3 or 4 taxi buggies... 1 overnight bag for vacation... Geez, isn't that enough?!?

Let me just answer that question... for now... and forever. No. It is not enough. We always need more than you think. The End.


June 2014
I need my children to realize that every single day of the summer will not be as fun as Disney World. Some days we will just go to the grocery store and that's it. The sooner they get on board with this reality, the better.