Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The heat does strange things to me

So here we are in the dog days of summer. (Except someone pointed out to me today that this is only the beginning. God bless the South.) It is crazy hot and clearly affecting me in all kinds of ways. I mean, my last post was entirely dedicated to Mayonnaise. Good grief. All I can say is that I blame excessive heat, low blood sugar, and the fact that it was VBS week around here and we were just barely getting by.

Let's see if I can find something a little more normal to discuss today than the pros and cons of Mayo.

This week is really our first lazy week of summer. We are naturally lazy people who get pretty tired and cranky when we have too much going on. And by we, I mean only me. All those people who do a million things every single day and live to tell about it, I just want to say "How? No, really. How are you doing this?" I needed a nap everyday after VBS last week which is totally pitiful considering it was only 3 hours of work a day. And by work I mean "teaching" children about Jesus while using "science" projects. (Quotes here are not just for emphasis. The teaching and the science parts of my job were seriously very questionable.) All that to say, we were looking forward to some good couch sitting and tv watching that comes with a lazy hot week in July.

In spite of the "lazy day" plan, yesterday's activities were grocery shopping and the Library which was very ambitious and almost just plain dumb. We made it out alive, but not with out a few melt downs (by me) and angry rants (also by me) that really had me questioning my qualifications as a mother. As you know I'm not exactly killing it at motherhood these days. When my husband walked in the door the other day, I met him with these words..."It is not going well. I'm pretty sure I've messed these up beyond help. Let's get new kids and start over. I really feel I could do better next time."

After staring at me for a bit trying to decide if I was serious or not, he said something to the effect of..."They're fine. You're fine. This is our life. What's for dinner?"

That is our mantra these days. I think it's a good one. There's always tomorrow, now let's eat.

Today was better. We hit the gym and the pool and then waltzed right into Chick-Fil-A in our swimsuits like we were still at the beach. I don't think that is appropriate attire here in Germantown, but we were hot and hungry and it's best to fix that ASAP unless you want things to unravel quickly. They served us with pleasure since we technically were wearing shirts AND shoes and we made it home in time for Louisa'a nap. Which meant I had time for my new hobby of listening to this pod cast. The Big Boo Cast.

If you are like me and enjoy listening to other people's conversations without the pressure of saying anything, this is for you. I adore Big Mama and Boo Mama for their blog and book skills and now that I can listen in on their lives, I truly feel like they are my best friends. (you know except for the fact they don't know who I am.)

And for tonight, Brinner (aka Breakfast for Dinner). A family favorite. And this is why I don't blog about food and recipes anymore. Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, and frozen biscuits are about as complicated as we get this summer.

That was slightly more interesting than mayonnaise, right?

July 2013
I am not a frivolous spender. In fact, I am cheap in a lot of places. I often have trouble letting go of money... But I love good shoes. Pretty shoes. Classic shoes. Slightly expensive shoes. And I have passed this weakness on to my 7 yr old daughter. I'm sorry Steve Summy. 

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