Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ode to Mayo

So let us get real for a second about a rather controversial subject...

Mayonnaise. You either love it or hate it or love to hate it. Or in my case... Love to love it.

Growing up, my family was all Pro-Mayo. In fact, during the lean years that we like to call "the 90s" my mom would experiment with every type of generic product to save a little money, but she didn't mess with the Mayo. You can't mess around when if comes to this stuff. It's real mayo or nothing at all.

That all changed after I had my first child and the body started a changin. With motherhood came my new past time of training as a yoyo dieter. I have been working on this sport for 10 years now, trying every single diet plan under the sun, and one common denominator of all these diets was "no Mayo". It was the one thing everyone could agree was horrible and fattening and hindering my attempts to lose the baby weight. So for years I have abstained from my beloved condiment.

I almost forgot about it until about 6 months ago.
I was just making a simple ham and cheese sandwich and thought...Hmmm.... I think I'll go a little crazy add some mayo. I don't usually subscribe to the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder", but when it comes to forbidden foods, it is absolutely true. (Incidentally this also applies to Coke. If someone has told you that when you stop drinking real Coke for a while you will think it tastes too sugary and stop craving it all together, they are lying to you. And lying to themselves. But that is a post for a different day.)

Mayo and I are back on and loving our time together. And since I learned how to cook since we separated, I am able to try it on new and different dishes. (grilled cheese, bbq sandwich, and BLT...which is not new to most, but new to me as before adulthood I didn't eat L or T) It's all very exciting. Our new relationship is flourishing with no plans to end it anytime soon. And while we are talking about such things, lets make sure we all no how to put together a perfect BLT. This is important stuff. Please refer to Joy the Baker professional tips on the most delicious sandwich known to man.

So the riveting conclusion to all of this is, I think I'll stick with the everything in moderation diet plan. So much more lenient and yummy.

June 2014
I am wearing shorts again against my (and apparently my 8 year old's) better judgement. "Mom, I don't think shorts are your thing." Thanks honey, but alas it is summer and I can't continue to wear jeans, lest I burst into flames. So shorts it is. I think I'll wear some really big earrings to distract from what's happening down below.

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