Monday, July 25, 2016

Still looking for the book: "How NOT to Raise Paris Hilton in a World of Kardashians"

As mentioned before we are in the home stretch of summer and I have run out of cool ideas. We had a few specifics that were on our to do list like school clothes shopping and seeing a movie, but we knocked those out last week. (We saw The Secret Life of Pets. It was adorable and funny. Everyone loved it and the large quantity of movie popcorn we inhaled.)

sun grins. precious.
Also on the kids' list is the always popular zoo trip that I have been putting off because of the heat. I just can't make myself stand in the hot sun watching animals do the same. Not right now. I keep making excuses like... "The animals will all be inside anyway. And also, you don't want to make that polar bear feel like he has to perform when he probably wants to just float in the cool water and relax." I do love the zoo usually but mostly in the less sweaty months. You might say that the zoo is like raw oysters, should only be enjoyed during months with an "R". So get ready Memphis Zoo. Come September, we are coming at ya!

So anyway. We are looking for other (air conditioned) ways to fill our time. Today we took a field trip to Krispy Kreme. Always good for an hour of fun and an entire day of guilt after consuming the better part of a dozen "Hot Now" donuts. In my defense there were 4 of us eating. But still.... I know... for shame....

It really is kind of hypnotizing watching those little donuts ride through the glaze waterfall over and over and over and over. And the hats are truly a fashion statement.

If that wasn't enough fun for one day, we spent the next few hours working on chores!!!!  (yippee!!!). Can I be honest? The stinking chore chart is no fun for anyone. The kids gripe about it and it just adds extra work for mom too.
BUT... I'm trying desperately to raise children that won't grow into entitled brats who shake their empty drink glass at you (as one child -who shall remain nameless- tried to do right before receiving a punishment similar to that of wrecking the family car or murdering your sister) so if I have to stand there and watch them fold (wad) their laundry at a snail's pace, so be it.

I created these chore charts at the beginning of last summer to help with our slothness. This is how the chore charts look at the end of most weeks. (Bless all of our hearts.) If I can find one positive out of this it is that clearly my children are not motivated by money or material things. Sadly, the only thing that does motivate them is TV, but let's not dwell on that today.

Today, however, they did manage to get a somewhat appropriate amount of chores done so we rewarded ourselves with a late afternoon trip to the pool. We have almost made it to that sweet spot where all the kids can swim alone in the pool while mom relaxes in a lounge chair. We are so close... I can taste it. That will be our number one goal for next summer. Sure it's a little self serving, but swimming skills are important and if I happen to benefit from those skills.... again, so be it.

taking a safety break

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