Friday, April 22, 2016

Let's hear it for the Mom bodies!

Moms, can we just own our mom bodies? I think we can start a movement if we all work together. I'm sitting here getting decked out in athletic gear for the Mother/Son Olympics at school and all the usual voices are fighting in my head. "Yuck! Why must spandex be so stretchy and also why is not stretchy enough?" Then the Rationalizing Voice (my favorite btw) comes back with "well I think you look fine. You've had 3 kids. Who cares if your marsupial pouch sticks out a little? Surely other mothers have the same battle scars from pregnancy." But then Insecure voice says "but what about all the tiny super fit moms? You can't stand near them, towering over them like a nice shade tree. Someone will think you are their mom too."

Rationalizing voice has a point. If I'm happy and taking care of myself, I need to be happy with my Mom Body.... even proud.  I want to just own it, but I am constantly confronted with the images that cause Insecure Voice to panic.

So here is my plan. Let's start a movement to own our mom bodies. It will only work if we are all on board. So fit moms, join us please. Eat a donut and wash it down with a milk shake and enjoy it! We can do it if we all work together! Who's with me?!?!

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