Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Belated Easter Post

So I was looking at photos on my camera the other day and realized that we are almost at the end of April and I have failed to shamelessly brag on my beautiful children in their Easter frocks to the blog world. That is unacceptable parenting. I posted a picture or two that day on Instagram, but that does not do a holiday justice.

Easter is a wonderful time of new beginnings. Spring has sprung. Everything is bright and colorful. Trees and grasses are greener. The weather is warming and people are coming out of hiding. I am a traditionalist when it comes to new Easter clothes. I had a Ohioan friend who commented on how quaint and Southern it was of me to be shopping for Easter dresses. She's totally right. It is so Southern and I love it. It's the one time of year that I get to dress up my family like they are my own personal dolls. (Husband included. He is sweet to play along.) Last year I went a little crazy with the matching and bought the entire yellow section of the Kelly's Kids Catalogue. After being ruthlessly teased by our Midtown friends, Steve swore never to wear matching clothes again. I guess I don't blame him. We did look a little ridiculous, but the pictures were adorable!!!

This year everyone did their own thing and these kids were even more precious. Look at them.

Easter Sunday was such a great day. We begin the day worshipping with our Kirby Woods family and then headed down to my parents for lunch and egg hunting. Always a fun day with family. I have always loved being with my family, but the older we get the more I love it. I hope my kids stay as close as me and my siblings and we can keep getting together every year as the family just gets bigger and bigger. We missed having Carmen, Jeremy, and Elzy with us this year since they were in Jackson celebrating with the Keens. However, we kept them in the loop on all of the good food they were missing and thanked them for therefore leaving "more for us" because thats how we roll.... pun intended.

After we were sufficiently stuffed we took the obligatory family pics, cousin pics, grandparent with grandchildren pics. Every combination we could come up with. Because this is also tradition. I remember doing this at my grandmothers house during the holidays. I hated it. So of course, I want my kids to grow up with the same annoyance so they will have the same memories. Circle of life.

This pictures sums up the kids cooperation with every photo session.
Grandmommy and Granddaddy are doing their best ventriloquist acts
trying to convince everyone to say "cheese"

Then the egg hunting. Followed immediately by eating all the candy right there in the driveway. Good times.

It was a fun day and everyone passed out from a sugar induced coma on the way home. Just as it should be.

I will leave this last photo for you guys to Ooo and Ahh over. Its possibly my favorite of the day. Walt was so proud to be wearing a coat like dad. He asked afterwards if he could wear the coat to play "businessman" at home. Bless his sweet weird heart.

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