Monday, September 5, 2016

The season of Walt and pumpkin spice!

September is here. It is Labor Day and this weekend there was a hint of slightly cooler weather. That's the interesting thing about the South, we have endured the 120 degree heat of August and all of the sudden 88 degrees feels like boots and scarves weather. Whether it's perceived coolness or actual cooler temps, Ill take it.

This semi-shift in seasons gets me so excited. Fall is my absolute favorite. Once I get in fall mode, there is no going back. All I want to do is eat pumpkin bread and candy corn and drink salted caramel mochas while sitting outside.

Our family rings in the most wonderful time of year with Walt's birthday which happens to always fall on Labor Day weekend. So I guess technically everyone celebrates the end of summer/beginning of fall on Walt's birthday, they just don't know it.

I believe I have made it very clear here and here that I think birthdays are a big deal.  They must be celebrated to the fullest. That doesn't mean we always have huge Pinterest inspired parties (although I will admit I have been known to go down that road and I stress myself out so much I have to take to the bed for the next week.) it just means we like to do as many special "birthday" things as we can during birthday week. (I'm going to keep talking about BW until it is a culturally accepted thing. I will not stop until Birthday Week gets the respect it deserves.)

This year sweet W got 2 complete birthday weekends. Last weekend we took the new mom mobile / family truckster / swagger wagon (Still working on we are going to call the van. Because a fun name will somehow make a van seem cooler.) on a roadtrip to Jackson to visit Steve's family. Three out of the 8 Summy grandchildren celebrate their birthday during the first week of September so that called for a rip roaring family birthday party.

The kids had a great time and we adults had fun talking over all of the noise. And of course there was eating. Always lots of eating. Here are pics of the kids and the cakes. Nothing else really matters does it? I'm so glad my kids get to grow up with lots of cousins. Those are some special relationships!

So since one birthday party is never enough, we spent the next week preparing for Walt's second "party". Don't tell him, but it was really more of a glorified playdate. We invited 3 of his friends to come play for a few hours on Saturday morning. They played outside. I fed them Chick Fil A and cupcakes. No muss, no fuss.

Just some boys running around the yard shirtless shooting each other (and big sister) with water guns.   Just good clean (er not so much clean. More smelly) fun.

There were a few presents and balloons so it could technically count as a party. But nothing fancy. Nothing Pinteresty. Very 80s birthday retro. Steve and I have decided that is the way to go for all future Summy parties. We are calling it now.

So we celebrated our boy becoming a 7 year old to the fullest this past week. I think he had a pretty great time. I talked about it yesterday on the obligatory Happy Birthday Facebook post. We moms often talk about how we "can't believe our babies are 7" (or whatever age). I understand that thought, but on the other hand, I can totally believe that this guy has been with us for 7 whole years. They have been some of the most challenging years of motherhood. But also some of the most fun and the sweetest. I have aged every day of that 7 years thanks to his.... we will call it "spunk".

He is high energy and always the life of the party. But he is also my most sensitive child. He feels every emotion outwardly and is often confused by it. I watch him struggle with difficult decisions and listen to him talk about his love for others. It has been my great joy in life watching him develop from that squishy little chubby baby into such a cool young man. He challenges me and I am grateful for the challenge. Walt Summy is going to do something big and surprising in life. Just wait and see.

Here are just a few more moments of our little man enjoying turning 7.

Doesn't every 2016 boy ask for a coon skin hat
and a wooden pop gun?

10pm family pic on his birthday.
Hanging with friends and enjoying every last second of the day.

September 2014
Let's go ahead and put this out there... It's Friday. I am a stay at home mom. And I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. 

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