Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Help Me. Help You." Parenting as told by Jerry Maguire

Hey boys and girls! I think we made it. High Five.

I don't want to prematurely celebrate or anything (as if the last week of September is premature. Ugh.) but it seems that we have survived summer. We are just a few days from October and the heat seems to have run out of steam (literally). Yesterday we woke up to cooler temps and it was down right blustery. It even looked like fall outside my window because with just 2 hours of fall weather every single pine needle fell from our trees and made a nice fluffy pine needle blanket over our driveway. It was as if they too just said "Finally." After holding on to those branches way longer than expected.

So I'm sitting here highly satisfied with the possibility of an official season change and drinking my latte while listening to Justin Timberlake radio on Pandora. (that was an impressive run-on sentence. But since this is just my blog and not English class, I have no desire to go back and correct it.) (I feel pretty confident that any true grammar sticklers have long since quit reading my blog due to sentence structure induced headaches.)

I feel like I need to take advantage of a good latte and the cool weather good vibes that come along with a beautiful fall day. Besides, I haven't written in a while and there are a few things to catch up on. So lets do a little recap of last week.

I was tested last week as a mother and as a decent human being. My sweet sweet husband was out of town Wednesday – Friday at a conference. As I type that I realize that it wasn't very long, but let me assure you that time stood still last week and those three days lasted for an entire month. I am not cut out to be a single mother. Thank the good Lord I don't have to do that regularly. I'm not sure what that says about me as a capable mother, that I can't handle parenting my children all by myself. But I choose to believe it means that I am better at being a team player and at working harmoniously with my partner. Regardless, It means that I rely heavily on Steve to pull his weight around here and while we are always technically outnumbered 3:2 as parents, he is pretty big and tall and probably counts as almost 2 of them.

Wednesday started off with a bang because Walt pointed out (as we were walking out of the door) that his finger was very swollen and red and "it really hurts to touch it like this...Ouch!" *eye roll emoji* (Why do kids always say that? It hurts when I do this... and then do that thing and cry about it? "Help me, Help you! Help ME. Help YOU!")

So we made a detour to the early morning walk-in clinic before school only to find that he had some sort of infection that required an antibiotic. Thankfully he didn't have fever and was not contagious so I sent him on to school. I later received a call from the school nurse, (totally expecting Walt's finger to have fallen off or grown to the size of a banana) as it turned out, Amelia was now sick and needed to be picked up. Awesome. I was gonna shower, but who has time for such luxuries? So I woke up sleeping Louisa (breaking the first rule of motherhood "never wake a sleeping baby/toddler") and we went and checked out the kids from school. At 2:45pm. Just FYI the school day ends at 3:30pm. Sigh.

Amelia took a sick day Thursday and Friday due to Strep Throat and honestly I think it was best thing for her. Not that I want my kids to be sick, but she needed the rest and I've never really been a stickler for perfect attendance. (all of my former teachers would like to insert a *eye roll emoji* here.) We had to hit the early morning walk in clinic Friday morning once again to get Amelia's necessary meds. I know those nurses took pity me and my hot mess existence. At least it's nice when the patient is a little older so that you can run all the mom errands while she is at home in the bed with a phone nearby.

Steve arrived home at 6pm on Friday with pizza in hand. It was the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen. At that moment I completely understood the definition of the word Savior. I was finally able to let out the breath I had been holding for 3 days.

This is the point I give a shout out to all the single moms out there. Whether you do it every day or you have husband who travels a lot, you have my respect and my prayers. That's a tough job and you will get your reward in heaven. May your children rise up and call you blessed my friends. You deserve it.

The weekend was a great reward for a yucky week. Walt and I had the chance to participate in the St Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer. It is such a fun event and it was nice to spend some one on one time with my boy. He is growing so fast and sometimes I forget to notice. Time alone with me  doesn't happen very often so he took advantage of it by filling all the minutes of the day telling me every thought that came to his sweet mind. His brain is always operating on super speed. I kind of can't wait to see what he will create with that amazing brain of his.

Sunday was filled with Church and Family and Naps and then a much needed date night with friends. It really doesn't get much better than that.

September 2014
God is constantly trying to teach me patience. Patience with my children, patience with my husband, patience with 1000 little things a day, even patience with God and His will for my life. Ever time I think He's getting through to me, I burn by tongue on my coffee rendering my tongue useless for the rest of the day. Clearly I still have a lot to learn.

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