Friday, April 1, 2011

Im back...No foolin – April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day! I don't know why I just used an exclamation point for that. I have never really been fond of April Fools Day. Particularly because I am one who always falls victim to those typical Fools Day pranks. I don't think of my self as extremely gullible, but I am an easy target for April 1st pranks usually because I never really know what day it is and am blissfully unaware that the rest of the world is making elaborate plans to punk people like me.

One that is forever burned in my memory is the year of the FM100 "the Pandas are loose in Memphis!" prank. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. They had really talked up the arrival of the Pandas to the Memphis Zoo for weeks and that morning as I made my 80min drive to work I hear a breaking news report on these escape pandas. Apparently they had somehow gotten loose from the truck and were just roaming around Memphis. They had traffic reporters commenting on sightings and even had different people call in and say they had spotted them in different areas. I was glued to the radio amazed that this was happening. I changed the station and was appalled that the other stations in town were not discussing such a newsworthy event. I expressed this concern to my husband when I called him in a crazed frenzy over the news declaring that I needed to call those other stations and let them know what was going on! Thankfully, he ever so lovingly broke the news to me that it was indeed April 1st and that this was obvious (to everyone but me) that it was a city wide prank. I was mortified. How could I have been so gullible? Just retelling that story now is making my face blush and my hands feel clammy. Sigh....

Once you all are finished LOLing about me and my stupidity I will move on. Changing the subject to something that doesn't give me hives....

My spring break is over and the cooking challenge will be starting back officially next week! Monday, April 4th! I enjoyed my hiatus from cooking but now I am really excited to get back into it. I am an all or nothing kind of girl so, of course, I had trouble just tapering off of the cooking challenge. I just quit cooking all together. I was so used to having something new and exciting every night that I didn't want to go back to any of our old standbys. But I also hated to try new recipes because I wanted to save them for the next month and the return of the cooking challenge. We just ate lots of frozen pizza, mac and cheese and of course take out. I felt a bit lost. I would wander around the grocery with no plan or ideas. Not a good feeling... I discovered that I love to cook and I love having planned weekly menus with new and exciting meals. It makes me happy. So I shall continue...

So before I start the daily cooking and blogging again I want to finish what I started with February. I refuse to start April off that behind so I am going to do a couple of different posts between now and Monday to give the highlights and recipes from the last week of February.

First, as promised, I want to post a few pictures of Amelia's Yo Gabba Gabba bday. Because what is a blog if you can't boast about your kids every now and then?

Lots of food coloring.

Finished product.

Party staples. Giant lollipops, M&Ms, and goldfish.

Birthday girl super excited about her turn in the ticket blaster

The before mentioned ticket blaster. Incidentally, if you choose to skip the ticket blaster and just take the tickets you automatically get 200. She caught maybe 10. A risk she was willing to take.


  1. ok, the roaming Panda story is hilarious, I think I am always LOLing about you AM, you are so funny! I can't imagine biblestudy without you!! Glad you are going to be back to blogging soon because it's safe to say, I've missed your ramblings :)


  2. I think about you and those pandas every April Fools Day. I even LOLed about it just this year with Scot.

    I'm loving the Yo Gabba Gabba party! The buckets with the eyes on them are the best. And the birthday girl looked so HAPPY. Bring her to see me!