Monday, January 29, 2018

Day 17 (or 29) of 365. Getting Distracted writing about Distractions

It is Day 17 of 2018 and Day 6 of Snow Day Craziness.

I tried to think of a new exciting term like the weatherman uses such as "Snowmageddon" or "Icepocolypse" but I am just not as creative as Action News 5, I guess. However, a "world coming to an end" type of name is exactly what we need by day 6 of this thing. We have enjoyed our laziness and snow fun as much as Southerners with no proper clothing can, and now we are just completely stir crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I have resorted to some form of homeschooling today to remain somewhat sane. Thankfully the kids think it is a fun new game to do work at home and are actually excited about it. At least for today.

As much as I REALLY don't enjoy the idea of a snow day because of all the pressure on moms to make it memorable. (Sledding, and snow angels, and pretty pictures, and snowmen, and snow cream, and hot chocolate.... and that lasts about 20 minutes.) I have really enjoyed the slower rhythm. We barely had time to get back into the busy-ness of school after Christmas Break and here we are again, sleeping late and spending lots of time as a family.

Our nights at home have been particularly slow. Just as most people in my life stage, we have a busy weekly schedule with all of the kid's extracurricular activities, homework, and church activities. We rarely have a lazy night at home, much less 6 in a row. It has been nice. Sweet. Just what this homebody needed.


I laughed when I read in Genesis today as I thought about my kids and all the sibling bonding they have had in the last week. We read today that Joseph sends his brothers (the same ones who sold him as a slave 20 years ago, but he forgave them because Joseph has mastered forgiveness in way that most of us can only dream and that would likely earn him a gold medal in forgiving.... sorry I've got Olympics on the brain.) back home to get their father Jacob. He gives them lots of wagons loaded with food and money and clothes and animals and sends them on the journey back to Canaan. But as they are leaving he tells them.

"Don't argue on the way."

Jacob has not forgotten about how nasty sibling rivalry can be. He knows his brothers (and all siblings) have a tendency to argue. Perhaps he has even seen this kind of "brotherly love" happening with his own boys, Manasseh and Ephraim. Parents just know. They always know.

Truth is we all need to be reminded not to get distracted and argue with our brothers along the way. God has given us all a command and a life with which to carry out His purpose, and He just wants us all to stop arguing and focus on the road ahead.


I did it again. Started a blog post and never finished it. Mommy brain + almost 40 brain = I get distracted super easily.  The struggle is indeed very real. So thankful for the gentle re-reminder to stay focused as I stumbled upon this half written thought today. I think I'll go ahead and post it on the off chance I will need this reminder again.... like tomorrow.

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