Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's Pretend Coffee and Musicals Have Something in Common

Today was a fun day.

It started off great after dropping all of the kids off for school (we could stop right there and call this a win for Mom). Then I had a nice morning hanging out with a group of my favorite godly women in one of their homes. It was relaxed and easy as we sat and talked and watched her twin toddlers play all around us. We talked so long that we decided to order in lunch and talk some more. It was one of those perfect mornings that you wish you could enjoy on a regular basis, but we all know are almost impossible to replicate. 

I read or heard somewhere recently (I'm not really sure which one. I've been taking in a lot of words lately through social media, books, and pod casts) that stay at home moms with young kids should be doing their staying at home together. Especially while the kids are young. Not only because we need each other for sanity as well as an extra pair of eyes and hands. But also because soon these little ones will be busy with school and after school activities and we will be spending even more of our life riding around in our (more to come on the use of OUR) mini vans (aka... living room on wheels). And our life saving friendships will be forced take a back seat to the chaos.

Knowing this was a rare moment, we enjoyed our time together. We laughed and even cried together all with Sesame Street playing in the background. We talked about the frustrations and joys of motherhood and how the further along in the process we get, we each start to develop our on way of parenting that is different from our own childhood. There are some hurt feelings that come from this realization and I'm sure that is normal. Of course, if it's not, please don't tell us. The last thing we need is another excuse to believe we have crossed over the crazy line. 

I left her house rejuvenated and encouraged and with a belly full of the best guacamole in Memphis. Like I said, it was a fun day. And it was about to get even better.

After picking up all of the children (There are only 3, but in the afternoon I swear it feels like there are twice as many of them), we came home and started our normal after school routine. Today was different, however, since we had anxiously been waiting for 4pm on Tuesday ever since Amelia auditioned for the school play. 

Ya'll. Amelia has stage presence. I can't explain it. I assume it came from her father's side of the family. She is confident and poised and bold. So when the school announce the play for this year would be Annie Jr. she decided then and there she was going to get the lead and play Annie. And she believed whole heartedly that it would happen. I was a little concerned at first since she genuinely seemed to believe her red hair was going to get her the part by default. I told her while I and everyone  she meets loves her red locks, I still thought she should spend a little bit of time actually practicing the lines, music, and dance. 

She never ceases to amaze me with her confidence. I kept trying to be realistic and telling her that she didn't need to get her heart set on one role because many girls would be trying out for the lead. Girls that had more experience in actual acting, not just singing and dancing. I'm embarrassed now as I think about all the ways I tried to put my self doubt onto my brave 10 year old. Even when filling out the audition form under "What part are you auditioning for?" I wrote "Annie / or any orphan". Gah! Have a little faith AM! 

You know that inspirational quote you see on cute chalkboards at Hobby Lobby a lot these days? 

"She believed that she could, so she did"

That is Amelia to a T. That girl went up there with complete faith in herself and gave it her all in front of a group of random adults. And at 4pm today we got word that her hard work had paid off. This November we will watch our little girl in the role she was born to play. She told me this would be her year and dang it if she wasn't right again. Congratulations to my star. I guess this means I have to become a stage mom, although, hopefully nothing like those ladies on Toddlers in Tiaras. Yikes.

I spent far too many minutes going through old pictures to find this one from Halloween 2008. Look at that precious baby. 

What did you expect? I was a child from the 80s who had a 2 year old with red curly hair. She had no choice.


  1. Sweet Amelia. She was so wonderful in her audition! To be honest, we all knew she would be Annie the moment she walked in. She has this bright, bubbly personality on stage that shines through in everything she does! She is going to lead our cast well! I always love seeing her perform. :)

    Also, being a stage mom isn't too bad. It's nothing like Toddlers and Tiaras. My mother is a stage mom and I think she's turning out fine.

    By the way, my name is Caroline Pillow. I am one of the teen assistants helping with Annie Jr. and I am looking forward to meeting you. :)

    1. Thank you Caroline!!! Amelia adores you! I'm so glad she gets to learn from some great teen coaches!!