Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Morning Struggles

The struggle is real.
This is a short week following a long four day weekend thanks to Presidents Day. I really do love holidays. And I love the freedom of having everyone at home with no agenda or need to get up and dressed and out the door. But allow me to complain about this wonderful gift knowing full well that this is super obnoxious of me to do so. And yes, I realize I just posted about the love and joy of SAHMotherhood. But, hey, it's a rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs and my mood and perspective is directly related to the amount of quiet moments I have to sip my caffeine. So anyway, Monday was rough guys. It's been cold so the kids haven't played outside all weekend. It warmed up a bit for Monday, but then came the rain. AND we had HVAC work going on inside the house which made for a little extra crazy going on that day.

When they are all together couped up in the house my children start to resemble caged animals. Lots of screeching and scratching (some biting) and to put it simply... cat fighting. I decided to load them in the car to go pick up lunch because that seemed like a good distraction. I even agreed to go to multiple drive thru restaurants to please all the passengers because I am the coolest mom ever (and  the longer I have the strapped into the car the better). But even as each one is basking in the joy of his/her favorite french fries they are swatting and yelling at each other. Good Grief. At this moment I blurted out the first solution that came to my mind and said....

"Guys stop fighting! Just pretend each other doesn't exist. You are all only children today!"

Sure, that was probably not the best parenting choice, but it got the job done and I have no regrets.

We made it to Monday night which is my favorite because 12 women come to my home to discuss the Bible and drink coffee. It's a wonderful time with other grown ups and extra special because my husband handles bedtime duties at this time. We read about Abraham and Sarah and their faith and obedience and it was just what I needed to refocus my view and prepare for the next day. Tuesday.

Everyone will be so excited to return to school! It's gonna be so great, right?!?  Uh. Not so much.

I think the Holderness family summed it up with this awesome 90's tribute...

I mean this is literally the way Louisa was trying to go UP the stairs 2 minutes before we had to leave the house for school. #geniuschild

We made it only 15 min late. Which isn't too bad considering. Oh well, the weekend is around the corner, right?!? And bonus: The downstairs AND upstairs have heat now. #winning.

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