Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well, hello February... What? You've been here all week? My bad.

I had big plans to restart on February 1st since January was so cray cray. But then I looked up and its February 8th. This is shocking for a couple of reasons...

1. Time just flies at lightening speed these days and I seem to be standing still watching it zoom by. Like in those dreams when you try to move but your feet are made of lead or something? Or maybe that is not a common dream and only something my crazy mind cooks up... in that case please forget what I just said.

And 2. Because mother nature has decided to take some time off and left the weather to do whatever it wants regardless of what season we are in. Yesterday it was 75 degrees. On February 7th. And today is almost the same. I had to search for shorts for my son two days in a row. Again... in February. And let me tell you, we do not have extra school appropriate pants/shorts to spare around here. We try to survive on the bare minimum of school uniforms in the Summy house. It's our own little way of reducing our materialistic footprint or something. Or maybe it is just because I'm cheap. yeah that's probably it.

So here we are in the second week of February and the past month just seems like a blur. Except for the part about the new driveway. Have I mentioned that we need a new driveway? Probably not, it's not usually a great conversation starter. But we did need a new one and thanks to a tree root vs. water pipe issue that dream was realized a lot sooner than we anticipated. It was a whole "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation. (You guys know that book right? If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want to build a new driveway.)

It began with a complete overhaul of our outdoor plumbing which left a gigantic hole in our (already tree root infested) driveway.

That led to the removal of the trees with the problematic roots, which let to the excavation of the entire driveway, which led to an issue with the irrigation system. All that means is... lots and lots of digging and lots and lots of mud.

The final piece to driveway is a beautiful new concrete extravaganza. I use that word because it makes it sound more exciting and worthy of the fact that it cost as much as the new kitchen I had been dreaming about for years. But I know there is something to be said for a solid foundation or whatever.

The driveway is very nice and smooth and pebbly and all the other things you want in a small personal road. (I promise Im not bitter. I really am thankful. Really I am.) I don't have any finished product pictures because he yard is still a hot mess. (literally. Gah Mother Nature. Just stop it now.)

However, because I know everyone is dying for some visual aids... Here is a picture of the muddy process. Be very jealous.

These are the trees that caused all the problems. Sure they are beautiful and
perfect for a hammock, but don't be fooled....they have evil roots.

This is a horrible picture because I was taking shelter
inside my house while large trees were falling in my yard.
These tree cutting men are amazing or crazy...
mostly crazy.

Again I'm hiding. I hid during most of this process.
Usually in the fetal position. This is the digging up
the driveway portion of the process. That machine
peeled up that asphalt like it was paper.

Ready for the concrete. Where will the concrete truck drive when there
is no drive way? Funny you should ask. 

Lets just drive the heaviest truck known to man on these lovely people's
yard. Yeah that will work. No it won't. You know what you have to use
to move a concrete truck thats stuck in the mud? Another concrete truck.

Moving right along. A little bit at a time. With an
obnoxious about of micromanaging by the homeowners.
We are the worst people to work for. I know this.

Here you can see some of the finished product while they pour the walkway.

Now wasn't that just the most interesting thing you have read in the last 5 minutes? Probably not, but now you know a little bit more about why my brain can not really process anything that happened last month.

But as I sit here typing away in Starbucks there are more men working hard on our yard and trying to get things back to normal for our family. I am very grateful for the hard work of so many nice men during this. They are all very good at their respective jobs and are even good with putting up with the special type of crazy that I bring to the table. That is a true gift from the Lord.

So I guess that is all for this edition of Yard Crashers. I hope you enjoyed it. I think I am about to enjoy a little blueberry muffin and latte and call it 2nd breakfast (or 1st lunch) since it is 11:17.

More to come as we prepare for the 5th grader's upcoming birthday hoopla. Stay tuned!

January 2014
Friends with no kids... Enjoy the process of simply getting out of your car and casually walking into your house. I miss that.

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