Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What do Carseats and Library Fines have in common? My glamorous life.

So I'm homebound today with a sick child. Same child. Same sickness as before. She's sweet and a pretty easy patient if you don't count the cleaning up of the vomit. I paused for a second trying to decide if I should actually type that gross word, but couldn't really come up with a less offensive alternative. Also, sometimes being a parent is just gross.

I don't want to me dramatic... except yes I do... but I feel like you haven't really been inducted into the society of motherhood until you have cleaned a vomit soaked car seat. Y'all. This is no small feat. I have heard that there are some lucky parents out there (and I do mean lucky because there is no other explanation) that have never actually experienced this. (I am comforted by the thought that these people will end up with a very poopy puppy one day to make up for this.) There are other people (aka the Summys) who have had more than their share of carseat vomit. I have taken apart and a washed and reassembled carseats no less than 20 times since having kids. It's painstaking and disgusting and I hope to receive a special reward in heaven because of my faithfulness to keeping my kids safe and clean as we ride to school/church/ChickFilA and back.

PSA for the day:  I will say, if you are reading this and in the market for a carseat Britax seats are not only our favorite for safety reasons, but the covers are very easy to remove and reattach which makes all the difference. While I'm pushing particular products... Chicco infant seats are our other favorites for the same reasons.

The good thing (if you have to pick a good thing about your child being sick. I felt like I needed to add that little disclaimer so I don't look like I enjoy sick children) about being homebound is that I didn't have to go to the gym today. I'm apparently boycotting exercise these days. Which is super inconvenient because I'm also supposedly trying to lose weight. I say supposedly because we all know that when you get this close to 40 there is no hope of losing weight without the hard core combo of very strict diet and extreme workouts and I'm not actually doing either of those things. sigh. Just typing those words was exhausting.

I'm hoping this boycott ends and I can get myself back to the gym soon if for no other reason than most of my Christmas gifts involved some type of athletic wear. Before the holidays I was super motivated to workout and was excited to start the year off with new gym clothes and a "Can do it!" attitude. I'm still recovering from the holidays, but I'm certain that motivation will return eventually.

Until then, these new clothes are also great for going to Kroger, cleaning the house, and sitting on the couch to finish a good book.

Today I FINALLY finished Tina Fey's hilarious Bossy Pants. I checked this book out from the library months ago. That's right, I said months. If you are thinking, "Wow! that's a super long time for someone to have a library book", you would be right. I have renewed the book as many times as it allowed and have been holding it hostage since the last due date (December 18th) knowing full well that I was being charged $.10 for every additional day. If you have done the math then you know that is a full 30 days and $3.00. I rationalized to myself that as long as I didn't pay more in late fees than the book was worth on Amazon, then I was still being "smart".

"Smart" is a relative term.

But I finished it and I really did love this book. I have no idea why it took me so long to finish it. Yes I do....Kids. School. Homework. Lunches. Baths. Church. Cooking. Cleaning. ReCleaning. More Cooking. and Bible Study (this is a big one because I have a personal rule that I can't read anything secular until I have read my Bible that day and sometimes that was very late in the day... or honestly the next day). I have lots of respect for Tina Fey and enjoyed her storytelling. Of course there was some abrasive language, but I overall appreciate her down to earth outlook. And of course... she is ridiculously funny.

So that is my day in a nutshell plus a few product advertisements which should make my dad proud because it's almost like I used my college degree. Almost. Not really. Sorry Dad.

Have a great day and if you are reading this say a little prayer that none of the other family members gets sick. Or if they do, that they manage to wait until after they get out of the car. Thanks.

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