Friday, October 14, 2016

"That's Right. You're Not from Texas." - Lyle Lovett

It's funny how I feel like I need to apologize or make excuses when I haven't written in over a week. As if there are tons of people reading this and waiting on pins and needles for the next post. In all honesty, I know that this blog is really just for me, my sanity, and possibly for my children to read one day since they have no sort of scrap book to chronicle their childhood. So kids, sorry for the gap in the posts... if you even noticed.

I didn't write all last week because it was just plain awesome. Full of all the things I love. Food, fun, travel, family and celebrating. October 6th was mine and Steve's 15th wedding anniversary. I don't know about you, but we think 15 years is pretty impressive. We spent the day reminiscing on all the fun of that day in 2001. Steve and I met for a nice lunch and spent the night at the school open house and book fair. Because that's what being married for 15 years looks like. The highlight of the day was showing the kids our wedding video for the first time. They could not even handle all of the romance. There were equal parts embarrassed and entranced. My sweet Walt kept saying "I love this movie!" 

Me too, buddy.

Since our anniversary very often coincides with the kids' fall break we usually try to work in some type of fun trip. This year we decided to take advantage of the new minivan and take a 12 hour road trip (Griswold style) to Houston, TX to visit Steve's parents. We have hit that sweet spot with the kids and traveling. They are all old enough to ride long distances without meltdowns and young enough to enjoy each other's company and agree on the same in-flight movies. The trip was extremely smooth. We loaded the luggage and children and headed south before the sun came up Saturday morning and arrived at the Grandparent's home just in time for dinner that night!

This was the first time our younger 2 had been to Gram and Poppa's house. (Thankfully G and P love to travel and make the trip to Memphis very often.) The kids loved being in their home. There is something so special about "going to Grandma's house" for a child. I loved watching them make some really great memories. And I think G and P had a little bit of fun too!

It doesn't get much better than these sun grins.

For no other reason than this is the cutest little diva.

While the grandparents and the kids were having tons of fun, Steve and I were able to run over to San Antonio for a couple of nights to celebrate the big 1-5. We took our rental pick-up truck and headed west with the windows down and Lyle Lovett reminding us that everything is bigger and better in Texas.

Little known fact: We spent one night in San Antonio on the return side of our Mexican honeymoon and I haven't been back since. So I spent much of the time pointing out familiar spots along the riverwalk and tearing up as we road the touristy Rio Taxi. Here is a river boat picture of Mr and Mrs Summy from 2001 and 2016. I almost hate to show these side by side because, well, 15 years older and 25 lbs heavier. But again... this is what a long and happy marriage looks like. Take note beautiful 23 year old brides. It's possible this could be your future. If you're lucky.

Between nostalgic emotional episodes we managed to exchange gifts, eat lots and lots of delicious food (which I believe we have established is my chosen love language), revisit the Alamo, and spend a few hours at a spa. I don't think I spend enough time at spas. I have decided to make it my goal to get more facials and/or massages in 2017. I don't have pics from the actual spa treatments because, clothing optional. But the after massage meal was delicious and totally Instagram worthy.

Here are more of my favorite San Antonio pics from then and now. Maybe we can go back for our 30th anniversary. However, I can guarantee there will be no side by side comparisons of any pictures taken in 2031.

2016. Same bridge.
There's no basement at the Alamo

Our room from below. Beautiful hotel.
When you walk in and the lobby is this nice.
You know it's going to be a good trip.
Relaxing by the pool with a great book. Perfect.
The view from our beautiful room.
Being tourists at the Tower of Americas


October 2014
I keep seeing these "what kind of parent are you?" quizzes come up in my news feed. What if one of the answers is "screw-up" or "deadbeat"? No thanks. Ignorance is bliss.


  1. You are prettier now than you were then. Gotta love someone who quotes Lyle Lovett!

  2. I think you guys look pretty darn good 15 years later!!!! And that's a pretty awesome book you picked to read! Glad you were able to get some YOU time. Happy 15th!